Case Results

These are examples of some of Scott Bonzell’s recent case outcomes.

General liability

  • Mr. Bonzell obtained $21,350,000 jury verdict for a victim of sexual battery.

Construction defects

  • Mr. Bonzell recovered $750,000 in damages for the owners of a defectively constructed single family home in Alamo. He also negotiated settlements totaling $1.6 million for a small group of homeowners in American Canyon.

Workplace harassment and racial discrimination

  • Four employees of a construction company who were subjected to racial taunts and epithets by their supervisor received a $1.3 million settlement.

Premises liability

  • Mr. Bonzell negotiated a $1.95 million settlement on behalf of an individual who fell from a balcony.
  • A client who suffered a broken leg after tripping on uneven pavement recovered $325,000.
  • Mr. Bonzell recovered $230,000 for a client who broke his ankle after slipping at a bakery.
  • A client who injured her shoulder in a trip and fall accident recovered $450,000.
  • Another client recovered $310,000 after tripping on a driveway and breaking her leg.
  • A client who broke her leg after tripping over a dangerous curb received $465,000 in settlement.
  • Mr. Bonzell negotiated a $375,000 settlement for a client who fractured his hip in a fall from a ladder.

Wrongful eviction in violation of housing ordinance

  • Two women who were wrongfully evicted from their rent-controlled apartment recovered a $450,000 award.
  • Mr. Bonzell also recovered $250,000 for a couple who were victimized by a bogus “owner move-in” eviction.

Dangerous condition of public property

  • Mr. Bonzell negotiated a $250,000 settlement for a client who broke his leg after tripping on an uplifted section of sidewalk.
  • For a woman who broke her wrist in a trip and fall on a public sidewalk, Mr. Bonzell recovered a $425,000 settlement.

Bicycle accidents

  • A client who suffered facial fractures after riding into a pothole received a $225,000 settlement.
  • Another client recovered $270,000 after being knocked off his bicycle by the mirror of a passing car.
  • Mr. Bonzell recovered $170,000 for a woman who broke her hand after riding into a shallow trench.
  • Mr. Bonzell obtained $550,000 for a woman who broke her elbow in a collision with a car.

Public entity liability

  • Mr. Bonzell negotiated a $250,000 settlement for a client who fractured her foot while alighting from a bus which stopped too far from the curb.
  • A client who broke his wrist after being struck by an on duty police car obtained a settlement of $465,000.

Vicarious liability

  • On behalf of a client who lost her husband at the hands of a drunk driver, Mr. Bonzell recovered $250,000 from the driver’s employer.

Insurance bad faith

  • Mr. Bonzell prevailed at trial against an insurance company which wrongfully denied coverage for a client whose vehicle was damaged by a non-permissive user.

Scott Bonzell represented me in an automobile personal injury case where I suffered considerable soft tissue injury and trauma.  He was very direct and low key. He made no promises, but won an award far greater than any I could have hoped for and far far greater than the norm for such cases.

 - Louis S.

Scott Bonzell was an incredibly effective and thoughtful attorney to work with when our family needed help. Throughout the entire process, Scott made us feel comfortable and confident that he had our best interests in mind. He was patient, thorough and had the experience to solve our problems efficiently. Scott made the process less stressful than we could have imagined, and he delivered results that were far better than what we had been told to expect from several other reputable lawyers. We’d highly recommend working with Scott if you’d like to receive both a professional and humane approach when navigating legal issues. Thanks to Scott, our family had a second chance at success and life is good.

Kevin D.
Mr. Bonzell showed real professionalism and genuine care for my personal injury case. He was very thorough in his work and communicated with me very well as the process went on, always answering my questions clearly. He is highly intelligent, and has a genuine sense of ethics. The case was settled successfully in my favor.
-Carole S.
"It had been months since the personal injury incident before I contacted Scott Bonzell. It was unfamiliar territory to me. His understanding, his professionalism and his patience in answering all of my questions were important factors in entering into an attorney-client relationship. I admired his calm demeanor, candor and integrity. He was able to secure a very positive outcome for me."
- Sylvia M.
"I would highly recommend Scott Bonzell. He was honest, easy to deal with and was always in my corner. He was very open and clear about every aspect of my case. Scott did not inflate my expectations, but dignified me with realistic perspectives. He also went the extra mile with other related issues that came up as a result of my accident."
-Cassandra H.
Scott Bonzell handled my personal injury premise liability case, and I highly recommend him. His expertise and professionalism was proven time and time again. He is a master at negotiations, honest and a true pleasure to work. There is a reason Scott has made the SUPER LAWYERS list time and time again, he is the BEST! Scott is trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. He will work hard, be honest with clear communication along the way. You will not be disappointed if you hire him!

Karen L.
I turned to Scott when other law firms didn’t want to take my case. From the beginning when I met with him I knew Scott was the right attorney for me. He made it clear that I had a good case and in the end he was right and exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Scott for his dedication to his clients and making sure he’s always available for them.
- Michael W.
At age ninety, I had never had an experience with a lawyer before except during my divorce fifty years ago. I felt an immediate alliance with Scott Bonzell. Upon the recommendation of others and based my own judgement after our interview, I decided I could trust this man with my case. I found him to be a true professional in every sense. When asking questions on-line, I received an immediate response within the same day and always kept me up-to-date. He kept my worries at bay and I will always be grateful for his excellent work and, of course, the successful conclusion to my lawsuit.

Easter J.
"Thanks to your skillful lawyering, I was able to pay cash for a new house!"
- Roberta B.
"Scott is a first rate attorney. I've seen Scott in action and I am always impressed with his skills. In addition, he truly cares about his clients and puts their interests first."
- Andrew R. Gillin

Scott is an unrelenting, dedicated professional whom I would recommend without hesitation. I am so grateful that through his perseverance, thoroughness, and attention to detail, my case was well represented and successful. His kindness and compassion are an added bonus to a partnership with Scott.

 - Susan E.

"Scott A. Bonzell represented me in a person injury case. I found him to be a very ethical, caring and professional counselor. He negotiated a settlement that exceeded my expectations, while keeping his share and expenses at a minimum. I could not have been more pleased with the results and manner in which he handled every aspect of my case. Scott is a friend!"
- Earl W.
"Scott Bonzell is a consummate trial attorney who works assiduously for his clients to ensure they receive the best possible recovery for their claims. Having seen the attentive, personable and smart way in which he works with his clients and prepares to present their case at mediation or trial, I would not hesitate to recommend Scott Bonzell to anyone seeking legal representation."
- Morgan C. Smith, Esq., Cogent Legal

Thanks to his experience and expertise, Scott Bonzell turned my entirely overwhelming situation into a no brainer!

 - Dan B.

I worked with Scott Bonzell while he handled my personal injury case, and I would definitely recommend him. He is honest and ethical, works very hard and stays on top of your case, and most importantly is a good communicator. I have heard so many complaints from other people about their attorneys not returning their phone calls and e-mails, but I never had this problem. Scott always got back to me right away and answered all of my questions, and I was dealing with him directly each time, not with an assistant. It was a difficult situation with unpleasant circumstances and emotions running high, but I always felt that Scott and I were working together as a team on my case and that he was as determined to win as I was. And we did!
-Mary Beth B.
"I was referred to Scott Bonzell for a personal injury case and received an excellent result. He far exceeded my expectations by providing a personal and skillful representation. His competence, confidence and patience supported me when the going got rough, and I understood that he was on my side every step of the way. His sense of humor lightened the process, as did the mutual respect evident with other attorneys. I completely trust his skills and negotiating abilities, and am very grateful to him both personally and as my lawyer."
- Judith J.
Scott was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was respectful of my situation and my time. I always felt like I could trust him and he had my best interest at heart. He truly is a talented attorney and I always felt completely confident in his advice.
- Lauren P.
"Scott was a tremendous resource in a drawn out litigation. His ability to see through the perceived complexity, focus and communicate the real underlying issues to the defendant and their counsel was critical in achieving a positive outcome."
- Poojitha P.
I was referred to Scott by a friend of mine who is an attorney and had a case against Scott. He told me that Scott Bonzell thoroughly trounced him and his client in court, and that Scott was extremely smart. I contacted Scott and we proceeded to spend plenty of quality time together preparing a construction defect case against an owner-builder defendant. I have been in the commercial construction industry for the past 20 years dealing with all sorts of claims and attorneys, and I can tell you that my interaction with Scott was BY FAR the best attorney/client relationship I have ever experienced. Not only is Scott Bonzell an extremely competent attorney, he is also personable, friendly and funny too. The outcome was that we prevailed in our case, and I have also made a friend for life.
- Stephen N.
I’m not sure words of appreciation would ever equal the deep gratitude that I feel for your stewardship and support.  Thank you, Scott.  Tears come to my eyes full of that feeling of grace that you were there for me.

Alice D.